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Birmingham's Favourite Breakfast


Over half (52 percent) of Birmingham residents choose porridge as their top breakfast option for winter, according to a new study. And the popularity of the humble oat could even be rescuing the first meal of the day from the doldrums.

An amazing 22 percent of Birmingham locals admit skipping breakfast at least once a week, with a hungry 19 percent saying that they miss the meal EVERY single day.

People who skip do so because they don’t feel hungry first thing (56 percent) but there’s also the pressures of a busy modern world (29 percent), while some people just can’t find an option they like on the high street (10 percent).

Researchers from Caffè Nero who commissioned the study to mark the launch of its new breakfast range, rediscovered that this happens despite the fact that 48 percent of Brummies find that they are listless and lacking in energy if they do skip brekkie, with one in five (23 percent) saying they get angry and 41 percent saying that they end up scoffing more food afterwards.

Biscuits are the top choice for Birmingham’s non-breakfast bingers with 63 percent turning to them if they don’t eat properly, followed by chocolate (27 percent) and cake (27 percent). Nearly a quarter of people will eat crisps (22 percent) and 20 percent even admit to eating pizza to take away the hunger pangs.

However while breakfast may be suffering, the re-emergence of porridge as the fashionable choice points to a healthier future, as it came out top for Brummies as their choice for winter (52 percent). It narrowly beat toast, the choice of 48 percent of locals to be the top winter warming breakfast, with 33 percent going for cereal and 27 percent saying they like a full fried breakfast.

Britain’s most fashionable breakfast was first eaten 10,000 years ago and has been a staple choice of people around the world ever since but it had slightly fallen out of fashion until about a decade ago.

52 percent of Brits say that they’re eating more of it than they used to for a variety of different reasons, health benefits (53 percent), taste (20 percent) and to avoid sugary alternatives (21 percent).

The survey revealed Birmingham’s favorite bowl of porridge was thick (23 percent), cooked with semi-skimmed milk (25 percent) and had added honey (24 percent) but there were many different choices and options chosen.

Indeed 13 percent of Birmingham residents said that they wished they could buy porridge the way they can make it at home.

“This research proves how Brits still value their breakfast even if they don’t always have time for it,” says Marcus Denison-Smith from Caffè Nero. “As we start a new year, we’re here to help with our new menu of vegan-friendly and wholesome breakfast options that taste as good as our coffee. Customers can choose from a range of milks such as soya, coconut, oat or dairy and an array of delicious toppings to create their own personalised bowl of goodness, exactly to their liking. They can even add a shot of Caffè Nero espresso for the ultimate morning pick me up!”

While 38 percent of the 1,500 respondents claimed porridge was their favourite meal of the day, the study also revealed the full extent of breakfast neglect by everyone else with people admitting they spend only 13 minutes eating it every day, compared to 75 minutes watching TV, 31 minutes on social media and 25 minutes washing clothes.

On average Britain eats breakfast at 8am with over-60s starting slightly later at 8.18am.

Caffè Nero, is adding to its existing vegan range with a delicious new breakfast menu, giving even more choice to those people looking for wholesome start the day.  Whether you’re looking for a hearty pot of porridge just the way you like it, or a vegan-friendly pot of creamy coconut yoghurt granola to perk up your morning commute, Caffè Nero is making breakfast even better across the nation from this month. Prices range from £1.95 to £3.75.