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Pig & Apple

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What's our Food Like?

Our most popular menu items are the Yorkshire pudding wraps with roast beef, pulled pork, lamb, roast pork, turkey & salt beef. We also serve these hot meats in the more traditional way of doorstep sandwiches & crusty rolls. These are complemented with all the trimmings such as homemade sauces, stuffing & gravy. In addition to this, we have a salad bar, serve local beers and ciders, have amazing ice cream, milkshakes & accompaniments such as roast potatoes & crackling! 

Why did we start up our business?

Having worked in food for many years, we could not ignore the unbeatable popularity of a hog roast, whether it be at a festival, outdoor event or even a wedding. Also, we saw a need for the availability of true British food amongst all the other options that are available today.